What's "Ask Someone for FREE!"?

Someone may draw an illustration for you if you upload your photo on "Ask Someone for FREE!". It's free of charge, but we don't guarantee the quality nor delivery time. And after you receive the illustration, you have to put it on the Gallery.

  1. Upload your photo.
  2. All Artists can see your photo and request message on "Draw me for FREE! Board" at anytime. "Draw me for FREE! Board" is shown only to our Artists.
  3. An Artist(s) may interested in drawing your face.
  4. When an Artist completed to draw your face, you will be notified by Email.
  5. Download the illustration and write your comment for the Artist.
  6. The photo remains on "Draw me for FREE! Board", until you delete it. For how to delete it, check email we sent when you upload photo or when an artist delivered.