How It Works

Please make an order on Draw Me! as following. (If you are using Ask someone for FREE!, Check this article.)

1. Choose an Artist

Sample Check Artists' samples ane see to whom you want to order.
Also, you can check Gallery and see how other customer ordered.

2. Send Photo

Send Photo Send a photo to the artist. The artist will draw the portrait based on the photo.
Quality of the portrait will be widely affect by your photo. We recommend that you send the picture such as;
-A photo your face is seen clearly from the front
-Smiling (or expression you want to be drawn)
-Bright and clear color photo

*We cannot accept an order to draw based on photos of famous people without their permission.

3. Send your requirement

Send your requirement Send your requirement, name to the artist. Also, you need to input your email to receive the portrait.

4. Pay

Pay Clear the payment by Credit Card (Paypal). If you have a coupon, input the code first.
[Acceptable Card] Visa, Master, AMEX, Discover, JCB

5. Receive the portrait

Deliver The Artist draw the portrait illustration within seven days. When the illustration has been completed, you will be notified an URL by email and you can download the portrait data from there, or share on SNS.
When you like the illustration, you can pay a tip to the artist.