Draw one person! by N a r u

N a r u N a r u N a r u

Orderer sais;


Thank you for your (((o (* °: ° *) o))) I really like (¯ ▽ ¯) v Thank you و jerk you (* ̇ω ˙ *)!

N a r u (Artist) sais;

N a r uJp

Kiku ' Uses the pleased, thank you. Your patience has been. This will be attached because it caricatures have now been drawn. Shall request the size 300 x 300 Just in case One of the production size 600 x 600 (Serving together with your favorite background) have transparent background. 3 seed will be attached. Please use you like according to your application. In relation to size up the bike could have Only the helmet was put. You're going to feel appreciated. You have a chance also at any time please contact. Thank you very much.

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