Draw one person! by 小山 規

小山 規

Orderer sais;


Thank you for your very good caricature. If the request you can create props or? Our plus right on disposable chopsticks, left to Bowl (especialy) is the only image. Also please take a mole near the left eye. PSD files together please. Thank you.

小山 規 (Artist) sais;

小山 規Jp

Thank you for the request so. Please note that because the caricature of me is a deformed type finish will 2D or 3D. D is a deformed D. Meaning in the sense of the third body stereoscopic 3D is not. Rather than a realistic finish and decorated in lovely image. It is possible, such as color changes. I'd resume showing pictures for questions or fix as much as possible details and angles of different degree correction can do. Thank you consider enough. The accompanying illustration image is jpg files. If you wish to of psd files to another I will mail. If the PSD file will be somewhat heavy data, please note that. If you cannot open the Windows because the data are produced at the Mac (basically open), but should be available in print without problems.

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