Draw one person! by cawoli (かいだかおり)

cawoli (かいだかおり) cawoli (かいだかおり) cawoli (かいだかおり) cawoli (かいだかおり)

Orderer sais;


At present I did. No u like moment I even saw the ~, I feel willing to uni wearing u. I tried to ask me next time.

cawoli (かいだかおり) (Artist) sais;

cawoli (かいだかおり)Jp

Said Mr. Yuki This time you make your request, thank you. Chiba Lotte are like that, so I tried dress uniforms. Glad you like (* ^ ^ *) So has the transmission process is data-1.png If you have image-editing software, you can combine with your favorite background. 1. jpg is on a white background. 2. png and 3.png selfish choice background with let me whats up. Please refer to and appreciated. Thank you please and you have a chance. cawoli cult

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