Draw one person! by 月邸 沙夜(スタジオサウスサンド)

月邸 沙夜(スタジオサウスサンド)

Orderer sais;


Writing a thank you! Which is a long chip wants to give students it is difficult... so I think then if you happen to do something from the menu asked let you want! Thanks so much this time!

月邸 沙夜(スタジオサウスサンド) (Artist) sais;

月邸 沙夜(スタジオサウスサンド)Jp

 How do you do. Illustrator and designer-name House Saki nights.  Draw me so caricature illustration practice! in we have used pictures of customers had been up. I'm emphasizing the cuteness fix angle of composition was specified and the caricature and worked on illustrations.  If you like what you see fixes support for this item, but the whole story. The photos provide a, thank you. Now, also have a chance, thank.  スタジオサウスサンド Moon House Sha worship night

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