Draw one person! by 林 陽子

林 陽子

Orderer sais;


I am so surprised! I am totally grateful for your time and effort. I will be promoting your work on all social media sites and pinning you right at the top for all to see. Arigato

林 陽子 (Artist) sais;

林 陽子Jp

Wesley コリンジョージ SAMA Nice to meet you Once again I received let me draw the face of the your Thank you very much. My name is Yoko Hayashi. But I really is a oil painting artist Caricature like this on a PC data And more so, we are we imagining a highly artistic portraits. For most willing to listen to your music While looking at your pictures Because we have very different colors So whats the tracings. Look forward to your success from it. In the my home page, Twitter and Facebook So will support your activities Thank you in the future. ( 300x300pixel whats we delivered in JPEG file types. )

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