Draw one person! by 橘 卯サ岐

橘 卯サ岐 橘 卯サ岐

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No broken links from, I'm sorry. But for drew than expected nice illustrations but not enough material is very nice. Feeling fearless smiling, pretty cool feeling or intention here neatly puzzles, we have that, and I felt. Background, the airport was there are two patterns, thank you. Only one place is to use the avatars, I think, so I'll have used to care, to suit the. Thank you very much.

橘 卯サ岐 (Artist) sais;

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Like.com Once again, please ask thank you. So I finished the illustration Contacted you. During the project the contents ヘアトップ colors had ash and Because the reference URL link has expired Could not be confirmed. We are sorry. Also file delivery. Background, so I've attached 2 point of no Best regards.                                  If you contact us if you have any fixes, I think. Tachibana rabbit SA Sangi

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